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About us
We are family of caravaners with a big experience in the operation of motorhomes and caravans. We produce caravans, rent them out and sell them. We have set a goal to make the caravan accessible to an ordinary family, with all amenities, which is suitable for any car. No special rights are required! Category B is enough in Russia.
Tilda Publishing
The main advantage of traveling with a caravan is that you can travel all over the world. You will not have to overpay by staying in hotels and inns.
Our caravans are designed for recreation all year round. Even in winter you can travel!

Be free to choose the place and time of rest!
Tilda Publishing
Technical specifications.
4 sleeping places:
two 70*200, one140*200
Stove (heater) 5кВт
Boiler 3l
Biotualet 23l и душ
Water 100l(20l)
Gas stove 2 burners
Fridge 60l
Solar Panel 280V
Battery 160-240ah

from 14000USD
Tilda Publishing
SUPER OFFER within the framework of the promotion!
28USD per day from 10 days, 35USD from 4-9 days, 42USD when renting for 3 days
Deposit: 345USD
Technical fee 55USD
Complete disinfection!
Refilled gas cylinders, water, consumables
Water supply 100 l
Early booking.
It is possible to deliver the caravan to another city at the request of the client. The cost depends on the driver's services, fuel and the driver's round-trip fare. Discussed separately.
Tilda Publishing

1. Through the website or by phone to clarify the availability of a motorhome for the selected period.
2. Pre-arrange the time, personally examine the motorhome at the address: Nemansky ave. 8/1 or you can book a caravan online, write Watsup +79036615107
3. Make a rental agreement (you will need a category "B" license and a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation(If you dont have it, write Watsup for discution) and the driver's age is over 25 years old) and make a reservation in the amount of 50 percent of the payment with a free cancellation of the reservation for 2 weeks. From this moment on, the caravan will be booked for you.
4. On the day of the start of the lease, arrive at the time and place indicated by the contract, receive instructions, accept the caravan according to the act of acceptance and transfer.
How to rent?
Caravan "Hippies"
28USD per day
Caravan "Мilitary"
28USD per day
Caravan "Flag"
28USD per day
Booking form (enter in numbers)
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Russia, Moscow, Nemanskiy 8/1
тел: +79036615107
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